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Intro Boi$

1) My Nick is Sullac Wink , And My real Name is Kinshuk Thapa.
2) 01/11/2004 This is my DOB.
3) Well, I currently live in a town named Savner, Nagpur District, Maharashtra.
4) So My home Town will be Savner as well.
5) I'm a student studying in class 9 and will be promoted to 10th grade.
6) I would like to join Atomic Dudes because it is the best clan in India to this time. For this let me give you an example like as you know Faze Clan is a well reputed and known clan and every player wants to join this clan. The same applies here too it would be so great if I selected to the clan and I will be honored too.

7) The server is now stuck to a map named mirage_go which is parody map of de_mirage in csgo but here it is stuck. Not all players like this map Angry and this map have a high brightness. So I would say admins should be more active here.

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