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1) Nick:- [AD]~NoA/[AD]~MMM                                 
    Name:- Makarand Deshmukh

2) Date of Birth :- 11/04/1995

3) Current City:- Pune

4) Hometown:- Pune

5) Profession:- Graduate Student

6) Why would you like to join Atomic Dudes Clan? Atomic Dudes is the only Clan which has no hackers and aims at learning and improving skills which others are lacking. Also the tournaments are organised every month so that the server keeps running 24*7 and is not idle. 

7) If you have any suggestions or feedback for the server, please write it down. Organise 1v1 tournaments also so that the players who can play during day time can play 1v1 tournament. And by default the server is best so I don't think it needs any suggestion right now.

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