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1) In-game Nick:- [AD]~NoA

2) Real Name:- Makarand Deshmukh

3) Age:- 22

4) Country:- India

5) Other Nicks:- [AD]~MMM

6) Are you a steamer? If yes then provide an Id. STEAM_0:0:441452304

7) How long have you been playing Counter Strike? Almost 8 years.

8) Do you have basic knowledge of amx commands? If yes, then provide 10 commands in a list and their usage

amx_votemap [starts voting]
amx_mapmenu [displays map change menu]
amx_pause [pause or unpause a game]
amx_kick [kicks a player]
amx_ban [bans a player]
amx_unban [unbans a player]
amx_slay [slays a player]
amx_slap [slaps a player]
amx_plugins [lists all loaded plugins]
amx_modules [lists all loaded modules]

9) Do you have basic knowledge of demo? If yes, then share path of demo in steam and how to play it.

For Finding Demo :-
Program Files > Steam > Steam Apps > Common > Half Life > Cstrike > Demo Name

For Playing Demo :-
Copy the demo name without .dem > Open Cs Game > Open Console > Type Viewdemo [demo which you want to play].

10) According to you, what should an admin do to make server much better? Admin should take less stress and should appoint volunteers or leaders who take care and control server in absence of admin. Also organize tournaments every month so that many new players join and be a part of the clan and the clan keeps growing.

11) Are you a member of any clan? If yes, then write name of clan. Not a member of any clan.

12) Is there any other server where you are admin? No, I'm not admin of any other server. 

13) Is this the first time you are applying/purchasing an adminship? If no, then write on which servers you were/are admin. This is my first time I'm applying for an adminship.

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